(ENG) Images I made, of animals and plants, of performances like my son who's drumming, and of things I've made; ... and things I want to share.
(NL) Door mij gemaakte beelden, van dieren en planten, van optredens zoals mijn drummende zoon, en van dingen die ik gemaakt heb; ... en van dingen die ik wil delen.

Monday, December 6, 2010

purposeful cheer up

"You can feel purposeful every single day by taking a moment to cheer up a disgruntled employee, make a child laugh, or even pick up a piece of litter and place it in a trash can." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

wow, that's how I try to live: I try to make people laugh, and every now and then I pick up other peoples dirt (not all the time, I would need employees); only I didn't realise it must have felt purposeful, though I did it on purpose ... hahahaha

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